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service and repairs

      ...having computer, internet or network problems, then you need our Hire-a-Nerd Service

Hire-a-Nerd is our dedicated service and repair centre. We provide an in-store, in-home and in-office service aimed at fixing your computer problems as quickly and as economically as possible. We also provide a remote access¹ service via the internet, when you can't come to us and you need it repaired immediately.

We understand how important it is to access the vital information stored on your computer and your need to communicate with others via the internet. Accordingly, at Hire-a-Nerd we promise to always take special care of your equipment and get you back-up and running as fast as possible.

      ¹ our remote access service is dependent on the type of problem you have and the ability of your computer to access the internet.

Download LogMeIn Rescue File

need remote access help ...then download the LogMeIn Rescue file to your desktop and run the small file to connect to our service team

Dr Nerd

our franchised virus disinfection service

In 2010 we launched a new service entitled Dr Nerd. This service provides customers with access to some 200 drop-off locations across the country where customer's, virus/malware/spyware infected or software damaged computers are cleaned, disinfected or repaired 24/7 through our remote operations for a fix fee.

      Your computer is returned to a factory fresh condition (operating system re-installed, drivers, DVD burning software, music codec's and licenced office suite software), 12 months of a proper Internet Security Software is added, for only $199


      Your personal data is saved (e.g. documents', photos', music, videos', emails' and favourites'), your computer is returned to factory fresh (as above), your data is restored, and 12 months of a proper Internet Security Software is installed, for only $299.

For further information concerning our Dr Nerd service please contact our store on 1300 MY NERD (1300 69 6373)

other Services

verisafe remote offsite backup

As part of our Hire-a-Nerd services we provide installation and maintenance to remote offsite backup services to individuals and businesses using VeriSafe. This easy to use service ensures that all your valuable data and information is stored safely offsite and protected in case of an emergency such as computer failure, theft or damage.